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Nowa Huta is a controversial place. It was built in the fifties by the communist rulers of Stalinist Poland. The governing intention of the project was to build Nowa Huta as a model communist town and a counterbalance to the conservative and bourgeois Krakow. It was built according to a design that was nearly an exact copy of the spatial plan of the Royal Versailles! From the central square wide avenues spread out with monumental social realist blocks between them The main avenue used to lead to a statue of Lenin which has been pulled down since. Next to the model town a huge steel works was constructed. Nowadays the place attracts many curious tourists eager to find out about the "charming'' life of the socialist haven.

We offer various sightseeing options:
- on foot
- by bike (a very convenient option due to the ease of communication between various landmarks)
- by minibus
- in an antique car from the communist era

Price: negotiated individually and depends on the number of people.

Trips can be combined. In case of combined trips the price is negotiated individually. If you have any ideas or suggestions we will be happy to fill for your needs.


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