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Our offices are located in strict
City Center of Krakow

Poland Active Travel Agency
5 Mikołajska St.
31-027 Kraków

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66d Starowiślna St.
31-035 Kraków

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Phone Nr: 0048 12 345 4731

Email: info@poland-active.com


  • Maciej Szymoniak
    Maciej Szymoniak

    0048 609 167 964
  • Piotr Kubik
    Piotr Kubik

    0048 668 644 310
  • Dorota Syrek
    Dorota Syrek

    Office manager
  • Paulina Kubas
    Paulina Kubas

    Deputy Office Manager
  • Monika Olejak
    Monika Olejak

    0048 663 568 089
  • Kasia Małek
    Kasia Małek

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Anita Węgrzyn
    Anita Węgrzyn

    Customer Service Specialist
  • Marcin Marszałek
    Marcin Marszałek

  • Victor(melex)


Certificate of Excellence
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018



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